Our Projects

AIS successfully manage multiple projects in various regions of Azerbaijan with different geological and climatic conditions ranging from highlands with -25°C in Winter to semiarid steppes and lowlands with +40°C in Summer.

We manage:

Construction of buildings and plants;
Installation of irrigation, drainage and water supply systems;
Erection of engineering systems (electrical, mechanical, piping);
Topo/geo surveys;
Project Cost Control and GAP analysis;
Manage maintenance and operations of existing facilities.

Industrial Projects:

Design & Construction of Concrete plant;
Area Complex Project piling work;
Area Complex Project earth work;
Construction of oil terminal with railway oil filling gantry incl. railway construction management;
Project Management in Temporary Building and Equipment Project in Sumqayit;
Construction of the main foundation blocks;
Earthworks (mass soil relocation, leveling and backfilling works);
Electrical Cable and Temporary Sub-station and termination project;
Nitrogen Unit civil works (scan for underground utility lines, excavation, backfill, leveling, compaction, disposal)


Turn key housing construction programmes in various regions of Azerbaijan;
PM & Contract Administration of a residential property development project outside.


Environmental Project – Installation of Irrigation & water supply systems in various plots of semiarid land for desalination purposes and further agricultural use.

Civil Projects:

Design & Construction of chain of supermarkets in and around Baku city;
Renovation and Re-design of a Water Park on Caspian Sea shore (civil, fit out & finishes, aqua systems);
Design, fit out & finishes and installation works for high-end digital cinema technologies in shopping malls and other stand-alone premises;
Private Recreational Centre near Baku (Build & Operate) with artificial lake including all support systems;
Re-design and Upgrade of the existing residential building in the city centre.